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Metal roofs are increasing in popularity and demand for many reasons. Metal roof manufacturers have innovated the old “tin barn” style of metal roofing, creating a lightweight, durable, and homestyle roof structure.

Metal roofs also last longer, as the metals they are made from are more durable than conventional roofing materials. Choosing a metal roofing manufacturer also gives your home a unique edge, as they are aesthetically pleasing, but a less common choice. only lists the best metal roofing manufacturers, as we value good quality, stability, and the safety of our customers. You can also read real reviews written by clients to learn about their experiences to help improve yours. So take a scroll through our impressive list of metal roofing manufacturers, then let’s get down to roofing. 

Canada’s nicknamed the “The Great White North” for a reason. Just like we need a coat, our houses need shingles to protect its interior and exterior. Canada has various weather changes, such as snow and rain, which can easily damage a roof without shingles, or one with unstable roof shingles. On, we list only the top Canadian shingles manufacturers, because we value good quality, durability, and the safety of our clients.

Whatever the weather, wherever the home, Steel Tile Co. metal Roofing Systems are designed to give you more, whether be it in styles, durability and protection. Read More

The last roof you will ever need to install is a Classic roof. Our roofs have a No Questions Lifetime warranty and a 40 year transferable warranty if you should ever sell your home. The last roof you... Read More

Hy-Grade Roofing Systems offers 7 standard colours within a range of 23 colours which are made from 26 gauge steel with P.V.C. (poly vinyl coating). This affords beauty, strength, durability and light... Read More

Providing metal and steel roofing systems since 1986. We have a great variety of styles and colors. Come in to get a professional to walk you through your options and help you make a decision. Read More

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