Flat Roof Repair & Replacement

Common in both residential and commercial homes, flat or low pitched roofs are very popular. Many Canadian homes have a flat roof-some new builds of custom design, while other existing properties may have them as well. Flat roofs are good for heating and air conditioning systems to be housed on top of the building’s structure-commonly seen in industrial settings too! At Roofing.ca our roofing contractors carry expertise on repairing and maintaining these types of roofs for both residential and commercial property owners alike!


Low-sloped, flat roofs require special skills and should only be fixed by professional roofing contractors. Due to its inherent ability to retain snow and water for a longer period of time, the improper installation might lead to significant damage to residential or commercial buildings. With years of experience in this area, our flat roof installers are dedicated providing you with high quality installation while strictly following safety guidelines.


The most common membrane system for residential flat applications is a two-ply, modified bitumen assembly. ARR also provides installation of IKO’s superior quality assemblies which are certified to be used in these types of buildings. For commercial and industrial flat roof applications, both single ply and multi-ply water proofing systems are applied the most often – Modified Bitumen (single ply), Built up Tar and Gravel membranes (multi-plies). Single Ply TPO or EPDM membranes may be an alternative option for use in this type of application as well.

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