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The Roof Whisperer has 100’s of online reviews and is now celebrating 10 years repairing and replacing residential and commercial roof systems for home owners and businesses. The Roof Whisperer has expanded operations and will work directly with insurance companies. After a weather event you may have exposed wood or an urgent leak! Simply let your insurance adjuster know you prefer The Roof Whisperer for your roof repairs or siding services.

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by Heli Coptor | April 21, 2022

Wonderful company. Excellent work, excellent customer services,! Quick response, work done on time, no mess left behinD, & roof looks great!.I highly recommend them!


by Ricki Blanche | February 3, 2021

I was thinking about installing a skylight but wanted to hire someone professional in Toronto to do the job. After a little research online, I came across The Roof Whisperer. They have the best rating online and they proved to be true to the standards with their work. Great job team, thank you for the amazing installation.


by Todd Vanderveen | January 9, 2021

There is no one better than The Roof Whisperer, when it comes to emergency roof repairs. My house in Toronto caught fire during the pandemic and wanted someone to come to my rescue at the earliest. None of the local roofer seem interested, The Roof Whisperer was my saviour and did a complete roof replacement. I would like to thank you for all the hard work and excellent job done.


by Shaun Ehrmann | January 8, 2021

In a broker from Toronto and many of my properties were facing the issue of rotten roof. Not sure if it was the weather or the material used earlier. I contacted The Roof Whisperer and the team arrived very quickly, inspected all the properties and did a great job in fixing it. Quote were quite reasonable and fantastic job done. I’m sure using these guys for all my projects.


by Mike Wehr | January 7, 2021

It gets very tough to find someone for chimney repair especially around Christmas. None of the local roofers were ready to come, I found The Roof Whisperer online and they immediately attended. Thanks to the large team of professional they are trained on all kinds of roofing job. I hire the Toronto team and trust me they are the best.


by Marcelo Pinkerton | January 2, 2021

I’m from Toronto and wanted to redo my roof. I wanted a roof that looks stylish as we use the space for lots of parties and get together. My brother suggested The Roof Whisperer as he has worked with them before and we thought of giving them a try. Trust me guys, they are just amazing. They suggested affordable products and the entire process of roofing was very remarkable.


by Winford Speirs | December 31, 2020

The Roof Whisperer turned out to the saviour for my new house in Toronto. My room was looking quite dull when the roofers suggested the option of a Skylight. At first, I wasn’t sure but when they complete the job, trust me I was so impressed would suggest everyone to have at least one room with a skylight.


by Waldo Martinek | December 30, 2020

My husband and me were thinking about installing a skylight but wanted to hire someone professional to do the job. We did a little research online and found The Roof Whisperer, Toronto. Not just they are best rated online but were true to the standards, we conveyed our requirement to them and they delivered us exactly the same. Great job team.


by Lucy James | December 17, 2020

Thank you, The Roof Whisperer, Toronto; you have no idea how much I appreciate you guys for coming over and fixing my property. Living is a house with an open leak is such a pain and I was unable to find anyone professional enough to fix it. You guys cam at a very short notice and did an excellent job.


by Anton Riley | September 9, 2020

Satisfy all your roofing needs only with Roof Whisperer, Toronto. They have the best team in town!


by M Gold | September 15, 2020

Much pleased with the top notch roof repair services offered by The Roof Whisperer, Toronto. 5 stars!


by Cristina | August 18, 2020

Would like to give 5 star rating to The Roof Whisperer, Toronto for executing the difficult job of roof repair at my office so perfectly!


by Clara Wilcox | August 13, 2020

Very impressed with the roof replacement services offered by The Roof Whisperer, Toronto. Amazing team!


by David Sweet | July 25, 2020

Thank you to the team of The Roof Whisperer, Toronto for installing skylights at my home at such a reasonable price!


by Jaime Sent | July 23, 2020

I am quite impressed by the roofing expertise of The Roof Whisperer, Toronto. The team is very skilled, knowledgeable and cooperative!


by Anthony Alexander | July 23, 2020

Very happy with the top notch roofing services offered by The Roof Whisperer, Toronto. The team is very knowledgeable and dedicated.


by Latesha McGee | July 15, 2020

Thinking about roofreplacement? Call The Roof Whisperer, Toronto! They gave me top quality services in budget!


by Abdul Mohammed | July 9, 2020

Hired The Roof Whisperer, Toronto recently for performing chimney repairs at my home. Must say it was a great choice!


by Karen Langford | July 3, 2020

I am totally awed by the top quality roof repair services offered by The Roof Whisperer, Toronto! Very dependable team!


by Karen Langford | September 15, 2020

I am totally awed by the top quality roof repair services offered by The Roof Whisperer, Burlington! Very dependable team!


by Alden | July 1, 2020

What a lovely experience I had with The Roof Whisperer, Toronto! The team knows its work best and you can just relax knowing that your roofing job is being taken care by the best hands in business!


by Austin Hobbs | June 24, 2020

I appreciate The Roof Whisperer from my heart for the striking roof replacement work they performed at my home in Toronto! Must try!


by Anna Acuna | June 20, 2020

Loved the way The Roof Whisperers completed the job skylight installation at my home in Toronto! Very reliable team!


by Bob and | June 2, 2020

This company replaced our roof. They did a good job and I think it was a reasonable price. Thanks.

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